It was such an honour to attend the Sea Shepherd event in Alert bay hosted by ‘Namgis First Nations to welcome the RV Martin Sheen into their community. Alexandra Morton is highly esteemed by this community and it was a very moving experience in the Big House where the ships crew was honoured for the work they are doing observing and testing for viruses at fish farms in their territory.

I have admired Alex for many years for the work she has done studying the specific population of orcas that got me hooked on orcas as a child. I began reading her books at a very young age. Her studies diverged when she realized the wild salmon were suffering, and their downfall coincided with the introduction of Fish Farms in their region. She has been studying their effects for over 20 years now. The entire ocean ecosystem is screaming that these farms need to be moved out of the ocean and onto land.

Alex is teaming with First Nations on the Coast who have asked for her help with Sea Shepherd’s campaign Operation Virus Hunter. Science and culture are joining together to push for the removal of these farms from the ocean.

I have followed Sea Shepherd’s work for 7 or 8 years now. They have nothing personal to gain. They speak for those who cannot – Our oceans and the wildlife within them. They fight for all of us who do not. I am so proud to stand with Sea Shepherd and Alexandra on this campaign and particularly to stand with the Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw Nations in their fight to rid their surrounding waters of open net salmon farms.


(Sorry the photos aren’t in order – One of the hazards of taking over 2000+ photos!)

DSC_0074 (3)
Bald Eagle with SeaSmoke Whale Watching
DSC_0110 (3)
Sayward – Now that’s a propellor!
DSC_0147 (3)
The RV Martin Sheen
DSC_0159 (3)
Lennie and I in Sayward!
DSC_0182 (3)
Alex and a ‘Namgis Chief entering Alert Bay
DSC_0185 (3)
The RV Martin Sheen
DSC_0191 (3)
‘Namgis canoe escorting in the Martin Sheen
DSC_0206 (3)
The Whale Museum in Telegraph Cove – Sea otter and urchin
DSC_0216 (3)
The RV Martin Sheen and a ‘Namgis Canoe
DSC_0220 (3)
Telegraph Cove – Top Notch’s replica dorsal fin!
DSC_0225 (3)
‘Namgis Dancers
DSC_0227 (2)
Telegraph Cove
DSC_0237 (3)
DSC_0249 (2)
Alert Bay Totem Pole
DSC_0254 (3)
Welcoming Aledandra Morton to Alert Bay
DSC_0258 (2)
World’s Tallest Totem Pole at the ‘Namgis Big House, Alert Bay
DSC_0260 (3)
‘Namgis Big House, Alert Bay
DSC_0270 (3)
Alexandra and Willow
DSC_0318 (3)
Alert Bay
DSC_0394 (2)
The ‘Namgis Burial Grounds
DSC_0433 (3)
Onboard the Martin Sheen
DSC_0445 (3)
Alexandra Morton on the RV Martin Sheen
DSC_0451 (3)
Myself, Alexandra and Lennie
DSC_0467 (3)
Alert Bay
DSC_0725 (2)
Cassins Auklet with Seasmoke Whale Watching
DSC_0857 (2)
Dall’s porpoise with Seasmoke Whale watching
DSC_0957 (2)
Dall’s porpoise with Seasmoke Whale watching