You’re never alone in the Pacific Northwest.

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Whether you are on the water, beach or in the moss drenched forest, there is life all around you; escorting you through this realm we can only be guests in. No matter how frequently we are blessed to visit the nature of the west coast, we know we are only guests.

I was amazingly lucky to be escorted on a recent paddle, by a full grown male wolf. As I returned to the harbour from a 2 hour paddle in nearby Sunshine Bay, I overheard on the radio that a wolf was down by the docks – “Watch your kids!”

Looking across the harbour I spotted the wolf on the mud flats, milling back and forth. I slowly approached, but did not encroach too close. He was eating something – perhaps a duck? Once he decided which way to travel around the harbour, I slowly followed him.

Wolves in Ahousaht are not scared of people – Unfortunately. They have become accustomed to our presence due to food temptations within the village. This wolf was wary of me however. The kayak threw him off. Was I human? Or some strange creature from the sea? This resulted in a series of what I not-so-humbly describe as ‘amazing’ photos documenting the wolf’s treck around the harbour during low tide.