L Pod – June 1st off the coast of Vancouver Island *just* south of Tofino!

I know this post is late – I didn’t get to it right away and then it got further and further down my to-do list. But now I am spending a day relaxing in the Cowichan Valley and it is time to get some things done! I was so excited on this day. I heard that the L’s were in the area in the early afternoon and the rest of my school day couldn’t go fast enough! All I wanted to do was send those kiddies out on an early dismissal and run out the door!

As soon as I was done work I ran down to the docks and hopped on the Sweet Marie – the water taxi I work with to take photos. After picking up a couple of passengers in Tofino, we headed out to the whales, who were near Cox Point. It was a choppy, overcast day, but that just seemed to put the whales in a good mood. They were breaching, tail lobbing, spyhopping and cartwheeling. It was such a joy to be on the water with them!

I was extremely excited to see L121, the L pod calf that was born in February, and had not been observed since. In fact, the sighting caught the attention of local media and my photos made the news!


Vancouver Sun

Times Colonist

L121 appeared in good health, and researchers who saw the photos agreed. Less than 48 hours after we were with L Pod near Tofino, they were seen entering the Salish Sea and were spotted off San Juan Island.