Last Friday, while heading into Tofino we took an open water detour around the West side of Vargas Island.

The ocean was glassy calm. Absolutely flat with not a ripple to be seen.

Once we got past the shelter of islands and islets, to open water, it wasn’t long before I spotted the distinctive hump of a humpback whale a ways off our bow. Shortly after the whale surfaced again, but we never saw it resurface. It’s nice to know they’re around though!

We continued along the coast, looking for whales, otters and sea lions, as well as any unique bird species (A few weeks ago puffins were spotted in the area!). It wasn’t long before I saw some sea otters in amongst the rocks. They were feeding and holding their meal on their belly as they rocked gently on the surface. Some were playing in the surf between the rocks.

Later we spotted a group of large male steller sea lions working their way up the coast. They provided some great photos as they lifted their heads curiously while passing the boat. I was perched on the bow and had a great view of the sea lions and Lone Cone rising above Vargas Island.

Besides the wildlife, there were some fantastic views of the scenery too – The west coast is never short of photo opportunities!