On New Years Day, I had the exciting job of photographing good friend and musician, Jonathon Russell, in preparation for an upcoming music gig!

Jon is a talented vocalist and guitar player who teams up with friend Amelia for shows. The two are fantastic together! Unfortunately Amelia couldn’t make it the the photoshoot so we had to continue without her.

One of my favourite places to be in Victoria are the pocket beaches along Dallas Road. Here, I can look out over the water in relative peace and quiet, watch for whales, photograph seabirds and explore tidal pools. It was the perfect spot for Jon’s west coast themed shoot.



We scaled the cliffs for this shot overlooking the water. I almost lost my balance and toppled to the rocks below!!!    I do not generally support climbing sea cliffs, as it encourages erosion, but this particular chunk already has a network of well worn pathways on it’s face and it quite stable.


A few shots, like this one, were not even close to in my mind before the shoot. But once I get on location I end up playing around, and I sent Jon ahead of me so I could grab this wide angle shot. DSC_0101

Jon was a good sport about getting his feet wet, even though it meant they were red and numb by the end of it all!
This is my favourite shot from the shoot and the one I had been envisioning for weeks beforehand. I’m glad it worked out, and that Jon was willing to give it a try!