Ahousaht from the air – Photo by KVWAH

Late August 2014 I moved to Ahousaht, BC on Flores Island to teach Grade 6 at Maaqtusiis Elementary School.

I graduated from the University of Victoria on June 10th, 2014 and received my phone call with my job offer on June 26th. It was a whirlwind of events, but I am so excited to be here!

As a photographer I was very excited about moving to a more rugged and remote part of the coast with less development and endless new photo opportunities. The first thing I learned was that it is very hard to get a photo without a dog in it!

You might think I am talking about landscapes, but I am also referring to macros, believe it or not!

The photo I was trying to take….
And the dog that was insisting on standing right there, on that particular patch of sand!

Wildlife can actually be dangerous here, especially wolves and cougars. I saw one wolf right from my kitchen a couple weeks ago and managed to get a quick photo before it trotted on down the road.


Cougars are the real threat here though and the plan is to never meet one. They’re quite dangerous and have been responsible for a number of attacks in and around the village.

But back to photography! I have been having the most fun shooting shells on the beach. A simple thing, but I can’t get enough of the reflections in the water, colours and smooth sand around them…

Aside from shells, beaches and sunrises have been my go to. Now that summer is over, it is easier to pull myself out of bed to shoot the sunrise at a more reasonable hour. Its a bit of a hike out to First and Second beaches where I like to shoot from, but it is well worth it! I like to take a dog with me for protection, and my knife, bear spray and radio if I am heading out further. You can never be too safe! The whole community operates on VHF radios so it is good to have one handy. They are our lifeline to each other, especially in an emergency as there is no 911 number here!

This is just a short intro to what I have been up to out here on Flores, but I will be posting more and more during my stay!