On June 10th, 2014, I officially graduated from the Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria as a Secondary School Art and English Teacher!

The stereotypical grad portraits, which I had done earlier in the year weren’t good enough for me, so my family set out on a photo walk with myself as the model to get some more personalized shots.

Finnerty Gardens – UVic – This was always a special place for me, not only when I lived on campus, but for the other 4 years of school as well. Always quiet and peaceful, it was a great place to come unwind, shoot photos or study.
Oak Bay Marina – We came to the Marina Restaurant for lunch and shot some photos by the water before heading to our next location. The wind had picked up which made for some fantastic candid portraits. This is one of my favourites overall!
Oak Bay Marina – This was a spur of the moment shot as we were heading back to the car. We never did get to throw our caps, and while we were here the wind was much too strong to try it (It would cost $300 to replace if lost or damaged!!) but I thought this was a cute shot with the cap throwing tradition as inspiration.
My all time favourite shot from the day. Kayaking has been a big part of my life over the past 3 years. So we headed down to Ocean River Sports, where I work to shoot a couple shots in a kayak. It was quite an ordeal not dipping my sleeves in, nor losing my capt to the wind!

Many many thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, Mike, not only for getting me through the 5 years of schooling it took to reach this point, but also for taking all these fantastic photos. I’ll make a photographer of him yet!