One of my favourite signs – I love orcas too, and cannot bear the thought of their deaths when the inevitable happens, if Enbridge is allowed to go through.
Vince Vaccaro shows support for the anti pipeline movement with a rallying song.

Emotions were strong, but there were some fantastic, powerful words spoken at the event.

The anti pipeline rally on November 16th in Victoria was a huge success! A great crowd came together and the atmosphere was very positive – All of us are united under a common goal – to protect our environment and people from the hazards of an oil spill. What will we have left if an oil spill happens along our coast?

The Exon Valdez spill is still impacting our coastline – Cetacean, pinniped, fish and bird deaths skyrocketed, including one orca population that is now doomed to extinction with only 7 members left.

We don’t want the pipeline to move locations, we want an alternative to oil. Besides, what will happen the day the oil runs out? Should we not think of a solution before that occurs?