Marcie is a photographer, writer and place based educator living off grid in Clayoquot Sound, BC.

She has been photographing wildlife since 2012. She got her start working with whale watching companies in Victoria during her days off from University and work, documenting the species seen during their tours. Marcie has also been writing freelance articles for the Westerly News since 2015 and has various other writing projects in the works.

After moving to Ahousaht in 2014 and meeting her husband, Skookum, they expanded his water taxi company to also provide tours for visitors to the region. They often go out on their own time to document marine wildlife in Clayoquot Sound as well.

One of her highlights was a quadruple header – four species of cetacean in one trip! In early 2020, a trip included grey whales, humpbacks, orcas and fin whales!

In 2020, Marcie and Skookum, moved to their off grid home away from the village of Ahousaht, where they live with their chickens, dogs, cat and rabbits.

Marcie does offer wedding and engagement photography services, particularly for those looking for a remote or elopement style shoot.

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